Master the Art of Riding a Segway.

It only takes 30 minutes!


Here in Colorado Springs, at the foot of “America’s Mountain” COLORADO SPRINGS SEGWAY TOURS  will thrill you with a magnificent view of “The Peak” (as we call it) from each and every one of our select tours.  Pikes Peak is one of the most highly visited mountains in the world, and we are so proud to present it to you from the platform of America’s number one personal transporter, THE SEGWAY.

Our regular tours are beautiful waterside glides along:

Monument CreekCottonwood Creek

Monument Creek where you’ll see a large chunk of the Front Range that was blasted out to supply rocks for our early airport runways. You’ll discover why writing out the name of America’s mountain can be against the law. Guides will show you an area where there was a huge grasshopper infestation and help you find a gigantic Rocky Mountain Columbine (Colorado State Flower) that blooms all year.

Cottonwood Creek. Travel along the Homestead Trail where mansions are built along the stream and local residents go wading among the rocks. Guides will share interesting facts about Pikes Peak and tell Segway guests about the Frozen Five, some brave fellows who hiked up the side of the mountain and set off fireworks. Follow the leader as you glide under the highway in an underground tunnel and see the pink granite rocks gleaming in the sunlight on the other side.

Regular tours are 2 hours long, and includes a 30 min. training & orientation. Cost is $75 per person.

Out of town Guests
Honeymooners (or soon to be)