Master the Art of Riding a Segway.

It only takes 30 minutes!

Here in Colorado Springs, at the foot of “America’s Mountain” COLORADO SPRINGS SEGWAY TOURS  will thrill you with a magnificent view of “The Peak” (as we call it) from each and every one of our select tours.  Pikes Peak is one of the most highly visited mountains in the world, and we are so proud to present it to you from the platform of America’s number one personal transporter, THE SEGWAY.

IMG_0231Our regular tours are beautiful waterside glides along Monument Creek & Cottonwood Creek and are 2 hrs. long, which includes a 30 minute training & orientation.  The cost is $75.00 per person.  (Our tour guides gratefully accept tips.)


IMG_0193OUT OF TOWN GUESTS – Welcome to our beautiful & historic city. We want to encourage you to see some wonderful sights that you won’t see on any other tourist attractions. We will introduce you to things that even many of our “locals” have not yet discovered. Because Segways can go onto lanes, paths and trails that are generally hidden from view, we are opening vistas that only our Segway tours offer.

Our tour guides will provide ample photo opportunities along the ways, making it possible for guests to capture memories that will last forever.

IMG_0152LOCALS – Get out and see this incredible city that you live in!!!
Did you know that there is an electrical relay station behind the mall? What about the dozens of trucks standing by with salt spreaders and plows
ready to go into action when the snow flies unexpectedly right here in the heart of the residential “north end” of town. So many fascinating things to see in our city!

SINGLES – Unlike other touring companies we encourage people to book our tours for themselves. We will take you out, one on one, and introduce you to going solo in the most comfortable way. It’s a great way to meet people!

SENIORS – How about a way to become so “with it” that people will point to you and wonder what futuristic movie you just popped out of. And, if you haven’t been walking as much as you used to, let Segway do the walking for you. As long as you have good balance and you can stand on two feet for a couple of hours, you are GOOD TO GO. We will guide you and assist you along this life affirming journey that “has added years to my life” – as some of our guests have expressed.   IT’S A BLAST!

HONEYMOONERS (OR SOON TO BE)   There is nothing more romantic than gliding along with your significant other on a Segway.  Try it.  Enough said!

DOUBLE DATERS – Book a tour for two couples and receive our special souvenir package: Four ready-to-mail photo postcards spotlighting you and your group on the Segways.  (Photos will be taken by our tour guides and sent to your home or office after processing.)